World of Wedding Crazy: Rent Liechteinstein

16 Apr

Yes, that’s Liechtenstein the country. For $70,000 the country is yours for a night. Check in at the palace, receive the ceremonial key to the city, get hitched and spend the night in a glass marquee under the stars.

Source: Airbnb

The company marketing the principality, Airbnb,  can arrange as little or as much Liechtenstein-ness as you’d like, from a tasteful torchlight hike through the mountains to having your own currency printed and street signs changed – all for the right price, of course.

As a renter of Liechtenstein you cannot evict it’s 33,000 residents, but you do get accommodation for 150 people. Airbnb haven’t yet hired out the country for a wedding yet – apparently the last couple who came close to signing on the dotted line called off the wedding. We’re very sure this wasn’t down to an argument about the venue not being big enough…


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