Save The Date: Safari

29 Apr

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight….

Illustrated safari lion save the date


Kate, the royal wedding, and the inspiration behind her wedding dress.

29 Apr

Congratulations to Kate & William! And bonus points for plumping for Alexander McQueen.

Kate Middleton's Wedding DressSource: BBC News

We love it, but it does remind us of someone else. The words Grace Kelly were used a lot in the initial reaction to the dress, but there is a very good reason for this:

Source: Vogue

There’s an excellent piece in The Guardian from Jessica Cartner-Morley about the impact of Kate’s dress, and we couln’t have put it better ourselves:

“The message of this wedding dress is clear. Kate looks every bit the princess, but nothing at all like Princess Diana. My fear before the wedding was that, in wanting to avoid the overblown, Dynasty-esque glamour of Diana, Kate would opt for safety and understatement. Instead, the slender lace sleeves and the glory of the swagged train, the piety of the neckline and the splendour of the chantilly lace all draw on the wedding dress of fashion’s favourite princess bride, Grace Kelly. With this dress, Kate has redrawn the order of princess succession. She has stepped out of Diana’s shadow, but by making a strong visual connection to Princess Grace, made a strong statement that she intends to look every inch the princess.”

It looks like Kate, who up until now has not scored high in the style-stakes, may well become our favourite contender for the fashion crown.

Sunday Best: Monique Lhuillier Swan Lake

24 Apr

Following Black Swan’s success at the flicks, there may well be a ballerina trend in wedding dresses coming to a church near you – check out recent shoots by Style Me Pretty and the UK’s own London Bride themed around this very subject.

Monique Lhuillier’s Swan Lake has been around since 2006, and is the epitome of prima ballerina style. It’s not really to my taste, but if you want to go full-on net and tulle, you might as well do it in style.

Source: Monique Lhuillier

Bear in mind before bidding that this dress needs repairing and dry-cleaning, and a couple of layers of tulle adding to restore it to its original state. The dress is sized to a 29 inch waist, and has an original retail price of $3700 (around £2250). It is currently listed for £500 with no bids, and the auction has 2 days left to run.

Legoland recreate Royal Wedding

22 Apr

I am partial to an Elton John Lego Wig, myself.

Source: Diaganol UK via YouTube

Sunday Best: John Galliano Silk Wedding Dress £500

17 Apr

Firstly, apologies for the lack of Sunday Best last week – I was sunning myself down in beautiful Cornwall, as we took a trip to relax and visit the Wed Magazine fair. We’re back on track today, however, with this gorgeous John Galliano gown. Drunken ramblings of an idiot aside, there’s no doubt he made some beautifully flattering clothes, and this is a prime example…..

Source: Ebay

Although the seller lists it as a size 6, the French size is 38 and this makes it a US6/UK10 by my calculations. It will need lining f you’re not keen on showing flesh through the cut-out detail, but check out the back!

Source: Ebay

Love it! It’s silk, a mermaid shape and I think it would look completely amazing on the right figure. The seller states it’s vintage, but it looks like a modern cut to me – you make up your own mind!

Listing finishes on April 20th and is currently at £500 with no bids.

World of Wedding Crazy: Rent Liechteinstein

16 Apr

Yes, that’s Liechtenstein the country. For $70,000 the country is yours for a night. Check in at the palace, receive the ceremonial key to the city, get hitched and spend the night in a glass marquee under the stars.

Source: Airbnb

The company marketing the principality, Airbnb,  can arrange as little or as much Liechtenstein-ness as you’d like, from a tasteful torchlight hike through the mountains to having your own currency printed and street signs changed – all for the right price, of course.

As a renter of Liechtenstein you cannot evict it’s 33,000 residents, but you do get accommodation for 150 people. Airbnb haven’t yet hired out the country for a wedding yet – apparently the last couple who came close to signing on the dotted line called off the wedding. We’re very sure this wasn’t down to an argument about the venue not being big enough…

The Royal Wedding House of Love – New T-Mobile Viral

16 Apr

We’re on a video roll, and this just makes us laugh.

Source: T-Mobile

Play it again and watch Princess Anne-a-like ride the horse and do a little bump and grind. Ace.