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Inspiration Aisle: Balloons

25 Mar

I love balloons. I mean, I really, really love them. Maybe I’m just a big kid at heart, but is there any experience more carefree than holding a big bunch of helium-filled, bobbing balloons? Want to see proof of my obsession?  This is Mr Love Illustrated and me on our pre-wedding photo shoot.

Source: David McNeil Wedding Photography


And this is us on our wedding day.

Source: David McNeil Wedding Photography


And if you haven’t quite understood my love of 3-foot wide,  gas-stuffed spheres of latex yet, well….

Source: David McNeil Wedding Photography


Yep, that’s me. At the zoo. With balloons. You get the general idea.

When I was organising the wedding, I became fixated with the idea of using lots balloons to decorate our venue. The small ones are very pretty in their own little way:

Source: Han Dressia Wedding Dresses

but I was talking giant. Humongous. Mahusive.

Source: Boutwell Studio via Tulle and Feathers


Source: Style Me Pretty


Source: Max Wanger Photography via A Cup Of Jo


I promise you, these are giant balloons, not tiny people.

Still prefer mine, though. In case you want to engage in some soft of helium one-upmanship, how about taking a leaf out of Gustafson Porter‘s book, and construct a floating balloon canopy for your wedding. The architectural practice created this stunner for the Venice Biennale.

Source: David Levene via The Guardian

How hard could it be, right?!