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Heavens To Etsy: ThePaperStache

29 Mar

We’ve all seen the tried and trusted photobooth prop of the moment – handheld moustaches. I love ’em, and I demand to see more in the UK (as ably modelled by the lovely Emma Case at her wedding here).

But if you’re going the whole hog, why not have a super-sized collection of photobooth accessories? The Paper Stache do a huge range of cardboard moustaches, as well as glasses, bow ties and luscious lips – just in case you don’t want to draw the line at facial hair.


Source: The Paper Stache

Full props, indeed.


Heavens To Etsy: Paloma’s Nest Will You Marry Me Bowl

15 Mar

Paloma’s Nest holds a special bowl-shaped place in Love Illustrated’s collective heart – we commissioned them to make us a ring bowl for our wedding and it was lovely (this one, right here!) Now, we’re not advocating laziness when it comes to planning a good proposal, but let’s face it, a diamond ring nestled in one of these hand-crafted bowls is not going to harm your chances.

Source: Paloma’s Nest on Etsy

Not going to harm your chances at all.

The bowl costs £22.70 with another £10 for shipping from Texas, USA, and can be found on Etsy here.

Heavens To Etsy: Jo Heckett Porcelain Letters

8 Mar

We’re a big fan of Jo Heckett here at Love Illustrated – not only because she sent us some free tickets for the Designer Wedding Show (thanks Jo!), but also because she produces a range of delicious favours for weddings and parties.

We hope we’re not shooting ourselves in the foot here, as we also produce fab, bespoke place cards as part of our wedding range, but if we had just that bit extra cash to splash, we’d probably opt for some of Jo’s porcelain letters to show guests where they’re sitting.

Source: Jo Heckett Website

Imagine them tied round a crisp white napkin with ribbons to match your colour scheme – pretty damn stylish, Id’ say, and a great guest keepsake. Jo also sells a wide range of other personalised favours and magnets. Check out her Etsy shop here and you can also buy directly from her website. Porcelain Tie-On Letters start at £4 each and the more you buy, the cheaper they are (we’re also fans of a good discount!)

Heavens To Etsy: Andie’s Speciality Sweets – Edible Vintage Buttons

1 Mar

Every Tuesday we’ll try to bring you something a little special from Etsy. If you’ve not heard of Etsy before, it’s an online community of crafters which encompasses sellers in over 150 countries, and puts them in touch with buyers worldwide. Like any global marketplace, it has it’s fair share of junk, but it also has immensely talented and artisan craftspeople making and mending the most exquisite things.

As you deal directly with the maker, it’s very easy to commission personalised items, made to your specifications and delivered to your timetable. If you have heard of Etsy, you’ll know how addictive it can be. Some of the sellers we will link to we will have used, others we just like the look of – we’ll make it clear with each post whether we’ve ordered from them or not.

We do have a shop on Etsy, but there’s not much in it yet – take a look.

Anyway, enough about us, let’s talk about cake, a favourite subject in Love Illustrated towers. Hardly a day goes by when we don’t mention (or consume) it. Although neither of us are particularly good cooks, our genes on both sides are thick with sugar and butter – we have a selection of very talented bakers on both sides of the family. My mother, whose rum-laced Christmas cake is legendary in our household, was fairly champing at the bit to make our wedding cake, and we were immensely glad she did. As were our guests, who demolished it all!

We therefore bypassed the minefield that is wedding sugar craft – we went for a fancy cake-topper rather than intricate cake decoration to make mum’s pre-wedding creative period a little more bearable – did I mention she also did our flowers?!. If I’d have seen these Edible Vintage Buttons from Andie’s Speciality Sweets in time, though, it may have turned out differently (and possibly have given my mum a nervous breakdown).

Source: Etsy Shop for Andie’s Speciality Sweets

How impossibly cute are these? If you don’t have a willing cook in the family and want to save some money on the wedding cake, I think buying something fabulous like this and sticking them onto a pre-made plain M&S or Waitrose sponge would fool the harshest of cake critics. Then you could spend the savings on some amazing bespoke stationery from Love Illustrated, right?

Price is $75 (£47.30) for 100 buttons – shipping to the UK is not listed (you could be the first in the country to buy them!) but for comparison shipping to Ireland is $16.75 (£10.56). Find them here.