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Heavens To Etsy: Jo Heckett Porcelain Letters

8 Mar

We’re a big fan of Jo Heckett here at Love Illustrated – not only because she sent us some free tickets for the Designer Wedding Show (thanks Jo!), but also because she produces a range of delicious favours for weddings and parties.

We hope we’re not shooting ourselves in the foot here, as we also produce fab, bespoke place cards as part of our wedding range, but if we had just that bit extra cash to splash, we’d probably opt for some of Jo’s porcelain letters to show guests where they’re sitting.

Source: Jo Heckett Website

Imagine them tied round a crisp white napkin with ribbons to match your colour scheme – pretty damn stylish, Id’ say, and a great guest keepsake. Jo also sells a wide range of other personalised favours and magnets. Check out her Etsy shop here and you can also buy directly from her website. Porcelain Tie-On Letters start at £4 each and the more you buy, the cheaper they are (we’re also fans of a good discount!)